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       from a dream to reality...       

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Bloodhound Hemp Farms: History


My love for animals and all critters started as far back as a child. I was always sneaking something into the house; spiders, praying manti, frogs, lizards and of course any and every stray dog or cat I found.


I spent many days studying animal anatomy and psychology in elementary school.


  • volunteered at the animal shelter.

  • worked at a pet grooming shop all through high school.


By the age of 23, my passion became a full time career.


  • Vice President of the Delta County Humane Society.

  • Director of Animal Service and Protection for the Delta County Animal Shelter.

  • Convince local government entities to make much needed shelter improvements.

  • Implemented a public education program and low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics.

    • which was free for low income pet owners.


These programs were funded by grants I had written for and received from various organizations. We would spay or neuter 20-30 animals every weekend where I served as a vet tech too.


Within 2 years our homeless pet shelter and community were virtually puppy and kitten free!


  • Started the pet of the week with the local newspaper and TV station.  

  • Created weekly radio ads and announcements.

  • Worked with the local Division of Wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation.


At the age of 28, I accepted an offer to be the P.R. person for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety Animal Protection Division. Dealing with animal services on such a large metropolitan scale was, at times, heart wrenching and heart warming.


A year later I moved back to Colorado and continued my passion for animals.


  • First animal protection officer for a small community.

  • Implemented a low cost spay/neuter program and a public education program.

  • Rewarding career as a veterinary technician.

  • Gained extensive education about animal health, behavior and nutrition.


I worked with so many amazing clients and animals. Pets bless us – as we bless them.


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